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KDE Tip - Customize Oxygen Appearance Style

Oxygen is the default KDE theme engine and it has very interesting customizing capabilities. Oxygen has some interesting options that can be used to customize its appearance and create a very interesting look.

What follows is my approach in tweaking the Oxygen appearance to my liking. Enjoy!

In the screenshot below you can see the final result; take into consideration that the look can change depending on what kind of color scheme is applied.

In my case I am using the Evolvere color scheme; you can install it from here: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/Evolvere+color+scheme?content=164101


KDE Tip - Disable Login, Shutdown or Reboot warnings

Whenever I want either to log out, reboot or shutdown my system, KDE is displaying a small window describing the action and allowing me for 60 seconds to cancel my command. This is usually useful if I wouldn't know what I want to do or change my mind; not in this case though - the extra click requires more effort and concentration and is a waste of time.